Diana Francis

Winter Equestrian Collection

Posh 'Foxy Lady'
  Carriage Driving Chapeau, Apres Hunt, Day at the Races ....A Hat  to be worn with Panache!
Velvet Band, Russian Dot Veiling, Blond Fox Fur Pom
Price:  $186.00                               22"
Taupe Carriage Driving Chapeau. Exquisite Taupe and Cream Silk Taffeta Band, Floral Medallion and Three Ostrich Plumes complete the look. Color Options and Personalized Details
Price $186.00                                Size: 22"
Chocolate Velour Fur Felt Apres Hunt.
Animal Print Habutai Scarf  Band and Back Bow is all it takes to make this Topper  Special !

Price: $168.00                              

Ms Brushy Olivia
  Velor Fur Felt Dressed with Faux Beaver
 and Feathers. A darling for Apres Hunt or Carriage Driving  Events
Price: $168.00                                Size: 22"
Brandy Velor Fur Felt. Brim encircled with two Rounds of 'Schlappen' Velvet Band and Grosgrain Bow to the side.

Price: $186.00                                Size: 22"
  Burgundy Velour Fur Felt. Soft Terracotta Band and Twisted Bows, Apricot Silk Veiling, Burgundy Ostrich Pom, Embroidered  Ribbon Medallion.
A Carriage Driving Winner!
Other Color Combination's to Order.
Price: $186.00                           Size 221/4"

Taupe Velor Fur Felt, Black Band and Flat Bow
 Embellished with a Diana Francis Inspired Coiled Felt Button with Felt Wisps and Black Russian Veiling.
Price: $ 186.00
Beaver Fur Felt Topper. Fox Fur Pom can be attached to Front, Back or Side with or without Band. Your Choice.

Lady Amherst
Loden Sueded Fur Felt. Bound Brim edge. Taupe Leopard Band, Bow. Pheasant Feather Detail
Price: 186.00

Hot Chocolate
Sizzling Show Stopper!  Chocolate and Hot Pink Wrapped Band and Stylized Flower Accent of Douppioni Silk. Topped off with a Spray of Chocolate and Plum Veiling.
Price: $186.00
Coral Spice
Dark Coral Extravaganza! (Pinkish Brown tone) with Wide Double Sided Satin Band and Bow. Large Luscious Silk  Rose Detail .
Price: $ 186.00
Silver Fox
A Charming Soft Fedora with Rolled Shaped Brim in Light Navy Blue
 with Gray Dotted  French Silk Veiling that Flows delicately beneath a Silver Gray Fox Pom attached in back. Band is Navy Blue Lamb skin.
Price: $186.00


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